Dear Authors of Iran / Authors from any other country

It has come to the notice of the Management team of Journal of Advanced applied scientific Research (JOAASR) relating to chaos happing among Iranian Authors on following:

It has been reported that fake or intimation acceptance certificate circulate among Iranian Authors with Journal Logo or Similar identification.

We therefore would like to inform you of this so that you can pay attention not to use fake or intimation Agents or institution for publication in Journal of Advanced applied scientific Research (JOAASR).

  1. We stated that many enquiry on publication of manuscript from Iran, but we never accept any proposal from any one.
  2. Our Authorized and Web:  is valid and intact.
  3. We never appoint any person or institution to act our representative in Iran or any other country.
  4. We never collect any fee from any author since our inception.(all fee are free)
  5. We are not responsible for any financial loss to any author.
  6. Please be aware of fake Representatives, Translation aid and Publishing aid institution in Iran.
  7. From this announcement we declare all manuscripts submitted, being submitted and accepted by fake Email or website notification cancelled.   
  8. We never issue any certificate for accepted article. If you have had such certificate is fake and not authorized.
  9. We aware that Iranian authors having trouble with English, so that they mislead by fake publishing aid institution or fake representatives.
  10.  From this announcement we request any volunteer could explain these thinks to your co-researcher.

Issued on basis of complaint received and public interest.


Management Team

Journal of Advanced applied scientific Research (JOAASR)




Journal Administration changed


Pubelese publication administration responsibility changed to 

Jamal Mohamed College, publications.

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